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Salvatore Siviero - MANDELA’S CROSS

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Mandela’s cross tells the story of one nation, reaching beyond one man’s struggle to bring an entire country out of the racial ooze that is Apartheid.

Providing a personal perspective from a foreigner’s eyes on the historical happenings of this astounding nation, leading up to the modern-day South Africa that we live in today. It speaks to horrific but very real statistics that not everyone is aware of, but that many should be. As the translator of the Italian version of this book, I found the read to be a unique experience, providing a peak through new eyes at a country I call my home. – Ivana Surian


ISBN: 9788899946395
Collana: DBR - “Der Blaue Reiter” Digital Book Recording
Genere: Narrativa / Racconto
Argomento: South Africa
Soggetto: Nelson Mandela
Formato: eBook ePub
Protezione Adobe DRM: NO
Dimensioni file: 622 Kb
Extras: -
Lingua: Inglese
Data di pubblicazione: 2020

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